Transferring files to iPad from SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive

I love the fact that I can use Infuse to watch videos directly from a SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive. A rare collaboration of two vendors. There is one situation where I can’t do that and that is when I want to use Apple’s Lightning Digital AV Adapter to output the video to a TV using an HDMI cable. Yes, the adaptor has a lightning plug on it for charging while in use but plugging in the Sandisk doesn’t work.

If I wanted to copy files from the Sandisk Flash Drive to my iPad and then watch them using Infuse how would I do that? Having them trapped within SanDisk’s app doesn’t help.


I believe you should be able to use the Download option (found in the 3 dots menu on the video’s ticket) to transfer videos from iXpand to your iPad’s local storage.

And then how do I get Infuse to find those files? Sorry if I’m being a dope but the whole iOS file system (or lack there of) is aggravating.

Once downloaded, they will appear under the Files tab.

If these are movies or TV shows, they will also be available via Infuse’s Library.

Just trying this and not seeing a download option after tapping on three dots…

When in library mode, as James mentioned you use the ‘…’ option on a movie/tv episode “ticket” to access the download option.

When in the file browser mode, you swipe left on a movie/tv episode to access the download option.

Your example is using the file browser mode.

Got it! Thanks everyone!

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