Transferring files to ATV native menus using FTP, is it possible?


I have an Apple TV Generation 1 and I have just downloaded and installed ATV Flash (Silver) and Nito TV.

As Apple iTunes no longer recognises my ATV1 I wanted to use this software to access the device and transfer movies, audio and pictures using the FTP protocol.

I logged in using Cyberduck according to your instructions but have been unable to locate my current media Library from my last iTunes sync. I tried uploading a test movie file which was visible in Nito TV but not in the ATV’s native folders i.e. Movies.

Is there a way of directly loading my movies, audio and pictures into the Apple folders or are they only accessible through Nito TV.

If Nito TV is the only way of playing my media is there a way of getting the artwork to display as it does in the Apple folders?

Many thanks for your help,