Transfering using FTP to External Hard drive

Im having trouble finding how to access the external hard drive through my mac using cyberduck. i can access the appletv without any problems but im unsure on how to access the hard drive. can anyone help?

I find mine through the movies file on my apple tv

If you have set up USB support by using the Smart Installer, then you can go into your Movies folder inside the frontrow folder and there should be a shortcut or alias for your USB hard drive.

I too cannot see usb hd in cyberduck (i did just update to snow leopard requiring I update cyberduck) prior, I had no problem. Also, is there a way to get BOXEE to sort movies via genres like in XBMC and to resume a movie from where you left off at? I really like XBMC features, but BOXEE’s interface!!

With Apple TV 3.0 and aTV Flash 4.0 installed I can not see the external drive using any of the old methods. Let’s say that the upgrade wasn’t completely smooth and I think that the external drive is now partially filled with junk but there’s no way to check. Ideas?