Transfering Files With A Crossover Connection. How?


I got a crossover cable to connect my ATV directly to my PC so I can transfer files from my PC to my ATV more rapidly…

Is that possible?

Can somebody tell me how can I do this?

I already tried but the ATV doesn’t appear in my network.


You need to “hardcode” all the IP-config manually on both machines, and on the same subnet.
Should work.

Thanks for your answer.

The thing is I don’t know how to do it. Can you give me some step by step guidance.

Thanks in advance.

You need to go into the network settings on your AppleTV and set the following:

IP adress: use a private ip, i.e.
netmask set it to
The rest you can ignore.

Then on your PC it depends on your OS, PCs can be running lots of different OSes: *nix variant (includingMac OSX) or MS windows are the most common.

Set the same 2 things there:
IP adress: use a private ip, i.e. (it needs to differ from the one on your AppleTV, but be on the same subnet)
netmask set it to

After this you should be able to connect between them.

If you have windows, make sure to shutoff/kill any firewall. Same thing goes if you have installed a firewall on your non-MS-OS.