Transfer files to Apple Tv

I have successful installed Seas0nPass and attempted to install aTV Flash. Install works fine untill the transfer of files. After hitting continue, it prompts "Installation failed. Sorry, the installer could not connect to your AppleTV. Any thoughts?



I have the exact same problem? Is there a chance seasonpass is not fully functional? I have been attempting all day from two seperate mac's?

I have the same problem, I have tried in both Mac and PC, also manual install via ssh.

After several hours and im quite good at this I conclude that the unit has not been jailbroken, It seems that although manually choosing the file in itunes and uploading the file has not functioned.

I conclude as others do that the script to compile this file is faulty, itunes most certainly does not autoload the file.

Tethered boot functions but whats the point if its not jailbroken.

I appreciate this is a beta, but had hoped to get some basic functios.

Some seem to have had luck but I conclude that the jailbreak does not function, any ideas?

i have the same problem could it be that after the boot tether i have to disconnect from my computer and move the atv back to my living room and connect to my tv before installing atv flash if this is the case i may be screwed as i do not have a laptop

Hi you cant disconnect ATV power, its a tethered boot, i.e. you boot with a PC or MAc and then disconnect the PC or mac USB and leave the ATV plugged into the mains, mine boots just no jailbreak yet, I notice a few updates on the process so will try later on today.