Transfer files directly to external HDD

ftp file transfer is too slow! does anyone knows a faster way to do it like drag and drop directly to my external HDD? No SFTP or Via network uploading! All of 'em are dead slow!
Can i plug my erxternal hdd to the mac and drag the files in a folder and then plug it to my Apple Tv and watch my movies? could it work?

If you buy an ext. HDD, what is the main porpose with it? To have more space on the Apple TV?

Of course you can plug in the HDD to an computer!Excuse my sarcasm… :slight_smile:

thanks a lot man! even thou you’re sarcastic, you gave me the clue to do it. so if anyone buy a external HDD plug to your pc and upload your files. it’s easier then transfering via network which takes a lot of time!! thanks again!!