Transfer AppleTv content back into itunes

I’m wondering if Atv flash somehow supports the following…

I have purchased content that exists only on my AppleTV… there is no possibility to synch back into itunes using itunes. And the Itunes store says the content is no longer available from Itunes store and therefore cannot enable a new download of this content from the store.

  1. Does atv-flash support (and how?) transferring files from the Apple TV disk back to my Mac? Even if it is simply writing to a USB stick from AppleTV, that would be okay. Is FTP an option?

  2. Once I get the content back into itunes, should it be playable on my Mac?

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If you are able to remote in using AFP or FTP, you should be able to copy all of the files from your /Volumes/Media/Media Files folder. The files will be in numbered folders which comprises your media library collection on the AppleTV.

Once you have the files on your local hard drive, you should be able to drag and drop them into iTunes. If you are using the same iTunes account as your AppleTV, the content should be playable, otherwise you will need to sign into the account you used to purchase the content on your AppleTV.

If you are able to remote in using AFP or FTP,

I guess this is really my question… does ATF-flash allow the AppleTV to show up on the network somehow (AFP?) as a shared drive under OS-X?

My question is somewhat analagous to the old Ipod days, when there were hacks that allowed the Ipod to show up as a USB drive and have the content accessed from the PC/mac. Except in this case I would like to expose the AppleTV to the network as a shared drive.


Synced media can be recovered from the AppleTV by following the guide here:

Okay thanks. Does that mean that I could use Cyberduck to access my apple TV even without AtvFlash?

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aTV Flash enables FTP/SFTP access which is required to connect using Cyberduck.