Transcoding requirements for NAS

Apologies if this is not the correct forum.

Just a quick question.

I use Plex to handle my collection and Infuse to play the files. I would like to purchase a new NAS that has the capability of being a Plex server so that I can get rid of my existing PC for this.

Assuming Infuse handles all the transcoding requirements, do I still need a powerful NAS or can I get just a very basic one like an Asustor and will it still play my 4K files with no stuttering?

Appreciate any hints and tips on this.


Re-purpose your existing PC into a dedicated NAS and save $$ if you were going to get rid of it … You dont need much power as Infuse will play files direct, the PC/NAS does nothing but feed it data.

I recommend hopping over to the plex forums/support forums. It’s covered extensively there.

Thanks for the info. The pc takes up way too much space and power to be left on 24/7. But you seemed to confirm infuse does all the heavy lifting so I can now more confidently set my sights on a very basic low powered nas.