Transcoding options for Plex, Emby, Jellyfin

Done. I did this earlier today but it didn’t seem to take. Also I was unaware of this thread until my thread was merged with it this weekend. My post is now here:

Glad to see others asking for the same thing. Hopefully we can get enough ‘likes’ to get this on the roadmap.


Support transcode would be nice, though I could foresee people will be having “issue” about picture quality & color degrade for HDR movies because the HDR to SDR tone mapping in plex/emby/jellyfin just suck (even with OpenCL).

reached out to the team asking about this feature and just received a non-answer pointing me to this thread. Infuse really needs this feature. In situations of low-bandwidth it would be nice to be able to transcode some of my 4K content rather than it just not working. Would also be nice to be able to download transcoded content for media on the go. Can the Fire Core team provide any insight or feedback on if this is coming or at least what the complications holding them back are?

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It’s not currently in the known upcoming feature additions but you can keep track of those here.

This specific feature isn’t currently tagged but you can see what the tags for suggestion threads mean here.

I’ve been subscribed to this thread for a few years now hopefully others would chime and push this above the threshold to get on Firecore’s roadmap. Glad you’re adding your voice to it @Grayfox691. I hope others do as well… to me it’s the only thing remaining to make Infuse the perfect media player.

100% this is a needed feature. I’m using Jellyfin and use Tailscale to access the files. Jellyfin’s swift fin is unusable and infuse is amazing. It’s a great front end. Jellyfin does a fine job of transcoding on the back end for its app on iOS and web, but Apple TV is limited to swift fin which is horrible.

Also for those of us using remote connections via Tailscale the server and host device “appear” on the same network so an option to request the transcode stream rather than native file would be a great addition.

Also, while I know this is a big need for jellyfin/emby users in my opinion, I think with the changes (questionable issues) with Plex recently with regards to privacy, I would think Jellyfin server with infuse on iOS/iPadOS/Apple TV with ability to request the transcode from Jellyfin really would be the best setup out there. I would love to put infuse on my kids iPads to be able to transcode on the fly, but for now I’ve been downloading individual files as my phone remote hotspot for trips doesn’t cut it for blurays!


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With this option I will be able to use only infuse instead of the Plex app

I would agree that it could definitely be helpful if Infuse could somehow request a transcode from for example a Jellyfin server. As already mentioned Infuse is a great app for direct playback but that does not really help in cases where the internet connection is the limiting factor. Why not use the apps provided by Jellyfin? Because they are barely functional at all in some cases, for example on Apple TV.

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I moved your post to a currently running thread requesting this feature in the suggestions forum.

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Is this something that’s in the new beta for the “Direct play”?

There are no current plans to implement this.
Also the current beta is nothing to do with Direct Play.
Are you meaning “Direct Mode”?

Yeah, mix up of words. I seen the term “Direct play” used in another post referring to the beta direct connection to Plex/Emby/Jellyfin server. I was hopeful that the “direct mode” to the server would also mean that Infuse would respect the server bandwidth limits. Wishful thinking…

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does Infuse ever plan on adding transcoding capabilities for services like plex, emby, and jellyfin?

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I moved your post to a currently running suggestion requesting this feature.

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in this thread to show your support for this suggestion! :wink:

I have liked the first comment, this would be an awesome and much needed feature for when i’m not on my local network, i use the app on my Iphone


Liked it.
Looking forward to transcoding options. It’s quiet useful when not home.

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is this feature in the backlog for the upcoming updates? it seems to be in pretty high demand…

Not currently but you can keep an eye on this thread to see what is planned for upcoming releases.

I’d love to see this also. I’ve basically given up on Plex’s ATV app getting audio sync and HDR/DV right any time soon, but not being able to use transcoded streams means the Infuse player at home and Plex player everywhere else. I think people would totally understand this only being an option for media servers that have transcode abilities w/ API support. :+1: