Transcoding options for Plex, Emby, Jellyfin

Just download it, name it “movie title-poster.jpg” if a movie or “folder.jpg” if a TV series, and save it in the same folder as the files. Yes, you need to do this outside of Infuse, but Infuse isn’t trying to replace Kodi/Plex/Emby/Jellyfin … it’s its own thing.

Understood. So what do you use Infuse for?

^I missed this point first time around.

In this case, the server software (Plex/Emby) created the transcoded stream, so surely the Plex/Emby client wouldn’t have any trouble playing it? If so, what would be the point of using Infuse?

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Hey all, let’s not try to derail this thread too much. This is just a suggestion for Infuse to support existing transcoding options with third-party servers. There are other threads to discuss the merits of using Plex etc…

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Agreed @munpip214. It would be great to see Infuse implement this feature (I asked specifically for Infuse to take advantage of server-side transcoding that’s offered in Jellyfin). It’s something I’ve been looking for, for a long time.

In that case as @munpip214 has only just mentioned in his previous post you need to click like in the very first post in the thread.

Right now for all the chatter in this thread only one person currently wants this feature implemented.

Done. I did this earlier today but it didn’t seem to take. Also I was unaware of this thread until my thread was merged with it this weekend. My post is now here:

Glad to see others asking for the same thing. Hopefully we can get enough ‘likes’ to get this on the roadmap.

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Support transcode would be nice, though I could foresee people will be having “issue” about picture quality & color degrade for HDR movies because the HDR to SDR tone mapping in plex/emby/jellyfin just suck (even with OpenCL).