Transcoding options for Plex, Emby, Jellyfin

Hello, I’ve been trying to request this feature to Infuse by contacting them by email, and they still didn’t respond after 2 emails sent. Anyway, I just wanted to suggest a feature which allows users to change video streaming quality (or change maximum bitrate) when watching a movie or TV Show, and this would be really useful for people with slow internet connection, like me.

I’m currently using a home media server (Emby) on the Beta version of Infuse Pro 6.4, and whenever I play a movie, it just keeps buffering and loading the video (in the highest quality) as I’m watching, and it’s really annoying. Unlike Infuse, the Emby app itself allows you to change the maximum bitrate, which in other terms helps you change the video streaming quality.

Personally, I think Infuse has a better interface than the Emby app. However, the Emby app has way more features. So I hope someday, if you (Infuse Team) ever respond to me (because right now you’re not responding to any of my emails for whatever reason), you could add that same feature (change the video streaming quality or change maximum bitrate) in future updates of Infuse, and it would really be appreciated for many people. Thank you


Yes, I had suggested this as well in the Beta forums. Infuse would need to be able to use Emby transcoding for this. Seems like it would only have to report to Emby the max bitrate and it should be otherwise automatic.

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Transcoding is not yet available. Currently Infuse will direct play everything ( same for Plex ).

Transcoding has been announced to be planned for later versions.

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I don’t see any announcement in the official thread: Upcoming Features (updated 9/16/22)

I do see this:

Versatile transcoding options for Plex

Which is not Emby. Are you sure there is an official announcement that it is planned? I would expect it to be in the upcoming features thread.

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We just released emby and jellyfin so technically before this week nobody was asking for it. Although since it will probably a different technical solution, it doesn’t hurt to have a separate thread for Emby. It might be planned, and James just hasn’t updated that list yet.

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I am pretty sure, that I read a statement from James somewhere regarding transcoding in general and Plex / Emby / Jellyfin in detail. Its planned for a future update, but not yet on any Roadmap. Could have been in the Beta Forum though.

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Updated for Emby

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Just did a search I couldn’t find any references to transcoding. I’d like to request it for Jellyfin direct play is great unless you have bandwidth issues.

Bumping this after seeing what’s on the horizon for 7.3.x. It would be awesome to get transcoding support for Jellyfin for lower bandwidth scenarios where direct play doesn’t work.


Any update on this ? I have buffering issues with better quality content.

Infuse doesn’t transcode.

Plex servers do. Or you can prepare lower bandwidth copies of your videos in advance…

First of all I don’t use Plex.

I am using Jellyfin and I can select various quality from one copy in Jellyfin client on iOS, I can’t do the same in Infuse…

Because Infuse doesn’t transcode.

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Why use it at all?

For me it’s handling of sound, subtitles selection and UI consistency over all Apple devices. Additionally, Jellyfin doesn’t have AppleTV client yet, Swiftfin is still in TestFlight stage.
Pricing is great too compared to Plex.

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Hey all, let’s not try to derail this thread too much. This is just a suggestion for Infuse to support existing transcoding options with third-party servers. There are other threads to discuss the merits of using Plex etc…

Also make sure to like :heart: the first post. Doesn’t look like anyone even has done that yet.


Agreed @munpip214. It would be great to see Infuse implement this feature (I asked specifically for Infuse to take advantage of server-side transcoding that’s offered in Jellyfin). It’s something I’ve been looking for, for a long time.

In that case as @munpip214 has only just mentioned in his previous post you need to click like in the very first post in the thread.

Right now for all the chatter in this thread only one person currently wants this feature implemented.

Done. I did this earlier today but it didn’t seem to take. Also I was unaware of this thread until my thread was merged with it this weekend. My post is now here:

Glad to see others asking for the same thing. Hopefully we can get enough ‘likes’ to get this on the roadmap.

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Support transcode would be nice, though I could foresee people will be having “issue” about picture quality & color degrade for HDR movies because the HDR to SDR tone mapping in plex/emby/jellyfin just suck (even with OpenCL).