Transcode files when downloading to iDevice

Couldn’t find this question in the forum, so not sure if it’s been addressed, but it would be great to have the option to download files at a smaller bitrate, similar to how the Plex iOS app does. A lot of my movies are full remuxes and my iPad only has 16GB of storage. Any plans for this in a future release?


Maybe it will come as part of the “Versatile transcoding option for Plex” mentioned on Upcoming Features (updated 2/23/21)

I can’t image this would happen because of a) the time it would take to transcode, and b) the drain on the device.
Unless I’m mistaken its the plex server that does all the transcoding, not the app.

Hopefully we will get the (multi version) option that you get on Plex, so that you can store two versions on your server and choose which one to download/play.

I was assuming that since theTallest mentioned the Plex iOS app he would be connecting to a Plex server, so I was expecting the Plex server to transcode the file before it is copied to Infuse once this option is implemented.

Sorry, should have worded my post differently: hopefully Infuse will be able to ask PMS to transcode media prior to downloading in a future release.

Integration with Plex’s transcoding features is planned for a future update. Probably after the release of Infuse 6 in early 2019. :slight_smile:

is this going to be available anytime soon? For me would this be the only reason to use plex with infuse, if i play a 4k movie on my apple tv 4k with infuse it plays perfect without any problems, but when i want to stream it on my iphone it buffers every 1-2 minutes


Any news on this topic ?

Is it possible to have the software download a movie locally (it may need to be transcoded as movie files will be too big to store).

I would love to take infuse on the road.

It already supports local downloads. It doesn’t do transcoding.

Without transcoding it’s not more useful than VLC… i usually take my videos on the road with airvideo Hd. It does server based transcoding. The idea is to optimize playback (battery time, storage space) by using an ideal transcoding profile for ipad/iPhone.

What it can’t do is local transcoding which is what I suggest infuse pro adds.

Moving over to suggestions. Thanks!

I personally have gone through and transcoded all my files to smaller versions so that I can download any one to my iPad. Of course this is a big undertaking up front, especially depending on the size of the library or speed of your machine