Trancoding on server or on the ATV2`

Hi there,


i’ve got a ATV2 and thinking of buying ATVFlash, before i do i just need to know if it will play my AVI and MKV files.

The files are on a Synology DS212J which isn’t powerful enought to transcode anything (Plex didn’t work at all).

So my question is can it play my files or will it need some sort of transcoding before it gets to the ATV.


The ATV2 can play AVI and MKV files just fine without transcoding using ATV Flash.

You need to make sure your ATV2 is NOT updated to the latest 5.3 firmware as there is not currently a jailbreak available for that firmware. The ATV2 having been jailbroken is a pre-requisite for installing the ATV Flash software.