I want t sync what I have watched from infuse pro 5 to infuse 6 so I just signed up for trakt on my Apple TV. I notice it does not seem that infuse syncs its watched, partially watch information to it. Is this because I was not signed into trakt while I was watching all my shows/movies?

Sorry for the confusion.

Yes, Infuse will only sync info to Trakt for videos that were watched or marked as watched after logging in to Trakt. Watched history for old items is not synced at this time.

Crap, so there is no way to sync the watch data from infuse pro 5 (full purchase) to infuse 6 (life time purchase)?

Unfortunately not, sorry.

However, if you do want to use Trakt, you would be able to make things as watched on the Trakt site, and have those sync back to Infuse. This might be easier than marking a bunch of things as watched via Infuse.

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