Trakt Watch History not Syncing

I’m using Infuse Pro version 6.2.4 (2875) on an AppleTV 4K with a SFTP share to my iMac.

My iCloud storage account recently got downgraded due to a stolen credit card and forgetting to update man billing information with Apple.

I then rencountered an issue that had been solved for quite a while where I lost all of my synced metadata and I had to completely rescan my shares since my iCloud backup had been deleted by Apple.

The rescan was completed, I’m still missing all of my manually updated metadata for things I had updated previously which I expected, however I have also lost apparently all of my watches status data for anything earlier than maybe this past summer.

I’m logged into Trakt through Infuse, and the “watched episodes” and “watched shows” total number listed in the setting screen match what Trakt shows on my dashboard. However when I go into individual shows there are tons of shows that are shown as watched on the Trakt website and which were previously marked watched in Infuse that are now showing as unwatched. It does not appear the watched status from Trakt is syncing with Infuse on an episode by episode basis. These are mostly all things watched more than six months ago.

Any ideas? I’ve logged out of Trakt and then logged back in but that does not seemed to have fixed anything.

I saw posts regarding issues with Plex and Trakt but since I’m not using Plex no clue why it isn’t syncing.

Diagnostic Report Code 3FAGC

Welcome to the forum, and sorry for the trouble.

To be honest, I’m not sure how Apple handles things when downgrading iCloud storage. I would expect they may keep these files in some sort of temporary cache, and make them available to you again once a plan is reinstated. It’s also possible they may just start deleting things to get you under the cap. You may try reaching out to them to see if they have any info here.

With regard to Trakt, using Trakt relies on having the correct metadata fetched for your movies and TV shows. There was an issue in November with TheTVDB that could possibly be to blame for some of the issues you are seeing here, as they were serving some bad data for a bit which would affect Infuse’s integration with Trakt.

You may try using the Edit option in Infuse to refresh metadata for the affected items to see if this makes a difference in the watched status shown in Infuse. If you want to do this all at once for your entire library, this can be done by using the ‘Clear All Metadata’ option found in Settings.


I’m not sure clearing metadata at this point would help. It completely rescanned all of my files and replaced the metadata over the past week while I was out of town.

Shows with the incorrect Trakt data are all shows which automatically refreshed without manual intervention.

I’ll trying manually refreshing a couple but I’m not optimistic and really hope to avoid clearing all metadata as it takes a couple of days to rebuild after doing that.



I tried editing metadata on a couple series manually and no impact. Still shows watched in last 6 months or so show up as watched and ones watched earlier show unwatched in infuse. All episodes show as watched in my Trakt account.