I have setup successfully, yes it is tracking everything nicely since i joined, but is there a way to get what I have previously watched sent to



Not in the current version, but we are working to add 2-way sync for a future version.

Stay tuned.

Thanks, I wasn’t sure if that’s what 2 way sync meant. Great update by the way, enjoying. Also thanks for the great deal on the combo ATV Flash for lifetime updates. I just renewed.

I’ve also set up, but it seems like it doesn’t work. It doesn’t add my collection or when I see a movie etc.?

is there an way you can add this scrobber feature to scrob what you are seeing on netflix?

Bumping this post. 2-way sync would be amazing with Trakt.TV and the watched/unwatched metadata of ATV Flash. This would solve my problem of always having to go through my entire library selecting “watched” for all the shows I’ve seen after I perform a restore on my AppleTV.