Trakt.TV with more than 1 appleTV4?

Okay, I have more than 1 appleTV4, 2 adults, 4 kids, need more than 1 choice in the house. You get the picture. Anyway, when I setup the 2nd appleTV4, log in to, my meta data is not there. So are you telling me we have to do this each time for a new device? I have over 200 TV shows, 4000 movies, and this is a big hassle. Is there anyway to get previous meta data to come in to new device?

Trakt is used for syncing watched history and playback progress between devices. So, if you are logged into trakt on 4 Apple TVs, you can start watching a movie on one device and then switch rooms to finish on another. Infuse will know exactly where you left off.

Metadata isn’t obtained from trakt, and will need to be downloaded on each device - though we are working on a few cloud based options for future versions that will improve this.

Hope this helps.

Cloud based (for example Dropbox) snyc between the devices of wachted history, playback progress, watched/unwatched indicators…would be great! So no trakt would be needed.

I would have thought iCloud would be a better solution as you can assume all iOS devices have access to that.

iCloud would be fine for me too :wink:

+1 for iCloud too

I cast my vote for iCloud also, that’s where I store everything at anyway!