All the watched movies and tv shows i already had on my atv should now be marked as watched in as well? Or i must mark as watched one by one on my atv to keep the same watched stuff on atv and

This don’t happened to me, only sync with the episodes watched after the update.

I don’t now if this is correct because the 2-way syncing is not working to me, when I manually mark a show as watched on nothing happens in the ATV.


Doesn’t work for me either

The two way syncing is working for me… I can mark a show as watched manually and it will appear in as watched.

However it’s unfortunately not retroactive… I would have to manually go through my library and mark watched on every episode. If we could get retroactive two way syncing… that would be perfect.

A few notes on trakt syncing and how it works.

  • Watched (or marked as watched) movies/shows will be scrobbled to trakt. Unfortunately any movies/shows that were watched prior to enabling trakt scrobbling will not be synced to trakt.
  • trakt will act as the master record. If a video is marked as watched on trakt that same video will get marked as watched on the Apple TV during the next sync. This enables multiple devices (Apple TV, XBMC, trakt site, etc...) to stay in sync.
  • trakt sync occurs every 5 minutes, or when the Apple TV is restarted. In order for the watched status to be correctly reflected in the on the Apple TV the folder/view will need to be refreshed/reloaded. I.E. you won't be able to see the blue watched indicator disappear in front of your eyes.
  • This may be obvious, but trakt syncing only works for commercially produced videos. I.E. You won't be able to mark your home movies as watched on trakt.

Hope this helps.


It’s actually extremely easy to just go on’s website and mark whole series/seasons as watched. I suggest anyone who wants all their old watched shows to be reflected on to do it that way… MUCH easier/quicker than doing it manually on ATV Flash.

When I reconnect to the atv after a few hours I’ve seen that the shows are marked as watched. I need to be more patient.


@james It’s possible that in the future we can export our entire collection to like with the xbmc.


Just started using and i am liking it quite a bit. However there is one thing i find irritating. I can live with it not syncing tv shows /movies watched prior to log in but i would really like it if it added all my movies and tvshows that i have in my library to my “collection” in Should be hard?