sync puts atv2 into a crash/restart loop

As of today my ATV2 started going into a crash/restart loop, I’ve re-jailbroken and reinstalled aTV black on it from scratch. It works fine until I add account info, then it starts crashing and restarting in an endless loop. I’ve noticed that when I login to trakt’s website, it gives me a 500 error page when I try to view my profile.

Has anyone else experienced the same issue?

Firecore - this looks like a possible bug in your code that’s not handling trakt errors properly, can we expect a fix soon?

Same thing here! The weird thing is that I have another ATV2 in my lan that works pretty good without any crash…

Same thing with my ATV2. Had to disable internet access in my home router and disable tracktv in infuse.

Same issue has happened to me 30th December - all 4 of my ATV2 devices constantly rebooting!!! Have to disable to fix it…what’s going on???

Any comment Firecore? Are you still updating your ATV2 software?

Sorry, this is due to the new trakt API update released last week.

We’re working on an update for the ATV2, and hope to have more news shortly.

Thanks for the update, do you have an ETA for the new release?

Would that bug be affecting users who are not using
(As in not logged in)

I don’t use it at all, and I get the crash/reboot loop after I install Plex. (Thats on 5.0.2) None on 5.3 with Infuse.

If you are not logged in or force a logout, your apple tv stops rebooting.

Is that the same “shortly” as always? So when? And pls feel free to be more concrete then the usual bs phrases related to ATV2. You could build API 2 support into infuse without any problem but the stupid mofos who paid for lifetime support get the usual useless answer, right?

Think it is time for some serious and organized downvoting of your butter and bread software to be heard.

Hi James,

I understand that with any new technology update there can be things that get broken, but am a little disappointed that in two weeks there hasn’t been a single bit of news to any paying customer. I’m not going to get angry over this, and feel ashamed that some have treated you guys this way.

I would however like to request that you don’t forget about us, as we are still a part of your customer base. Even a simple email sent out, or a blog post, acknowledging the issue and providing some sort of timeframe or way to stay in the loop on updates would have been a small courtesy.

I know all of us are rocking previous generation hardware and software, but we do so because we love the your software and the integration it provides into the Apple ecosystem, and being left outdated is a price we choose to take.

Please don’t let us down.



Update - aTV Flash (black) 2.5 was just released, which updates everything to the new trakt v2 API, which should resolve the issues people were running into.

Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:

Hi James,

My Apple TV does not sync anything with trakt. Neither the things I watched on the aTV appear in trakt, but also the things I watched on trak do not mark as watched in the atv.

I also have an iPad with infuse and there everything works fine, so I don’t think it’s an issue with filenames or meta data.

Is there a way I can access a log file to investigate the problem (ssh to the atv is no problem for me).

I also tried to log out / back on to trakt, but that didn’t help.

Issue seems to be still there or is back again. I gut stucked in this loop with the latest version. :frowning: were having issues with their servers, check their Twitter ( Once that is resolved the ATV should stop crashing.

FireCore - maybe you need to check the error handling code for the functionality if it is so sensitive to trakt server stability?

Thanks for that information.

@Firecore: One service has server issues and the whole Apple TV is crashing? That’s ridiculous.

I reinstalled seasonpass and atv flash black, but the problem is still there, so I ask again, is there a way I can debug a log or something to investigate the problem???
I’m on atv os 5.3

An Infuse update for Apple TV was pushed out yesterday which includes a handful of trakt related fixes.

Most notable may be the switch to their new dedicated v2 API servers, which should allow things to operate much more reliably in the future.

ATV still crashing after installing the recent infuse update!