Hi, offers a setting to Reset Watched Progress, it would be very helpful if Infuse could reflect that change and shows the new unwatched status. Is this possible?

And in the case that I’m rewatching a show that I’ve completed, there’s no way to know the last episode that I’ve watched! Cloud you implement some watch-status indicator for those situations?



Hi all,

I’ve been using Infuse with Plex as backend ever since possible for a few reasons

  1. Hue lights integration with Hello Hue plugin
  2. Automatic subtitle downloads with Sub-Zero plugin
  3. Marking TV Shows unwatched wont remove my watch history on Trakt with Trakt for Plex plugin

I would like to get rid of my Plex Server eventually to free up some resources on my Mac, but at the moment the benefits still outweigh my urge for removing Plex.

Number 1 is on the roadmap and 2 seems less necessary since the better opensubtitles integration, but I’m not aware of any changes/options for 3.

Maybe Firecore could implement an option for rewatching? Or simply not remove play history when marking TV Shows as unwatched in Infuse?

Please upvote if you agree and I hope to get some feedback on this from James.


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+1 Definitely don’t want to mark show as unwatched because of Trakt, but need to be able to watch again

+1. I love rewatching the old favourites and I would rather not have to mark it all as unwatched just so Infuse can remember where I’m up to.