Trakt.TV - Keep a record of what you've watched

I would love to see the Media Player app pushing notifications to Trakt.TV to keep track of what I watched.

Trakt.TV has some nice API-documentation give you guys a flying start.


If everything is working as it should you can get a banner to share what you’ve watched, like this:

a support would be awesome! for now i use XBMC but would MediaPlayer have an i would  change my Fav player immediately.

We’ve actually be talking with the Trakt folks over the past few weeks, and are hoping to integrate Trakt into a future version.

Stay tuned.

awesome news

Any update on this? :slight_smile:

bump :slight_smile:

Also interested !

ok, after 3 month any news about this? 

No ETA yet, but it’s something we’re planning to tackle soon.

Stay tuned.

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Btw. do you guys have roadmap anywhere? 

In the works as of today.  :wink:

Love you guys :slight_smile:

Getting closer…


. awesome!

pardon my ignorance but what will this do exactly?  the triangle in the upper right corner of a file already tells us if its been watched or not… why this? allows you to track movies/tv shows you’ve watched, and then provides recommendations on other content you may like. Think of it as ‘scrobbling’ for videos.

That’s right and a nice feature. But if I change anything about the path or filename, the status is lost. When better quality is available etc. is a community where you can share your status with your friends.

I got an App called tvQ for my iPhone where I can track and see when the next episode is.

I love to keep track of everything and the blue corner is great when you look at the specific season or movie, but thats it :slight_smile:

A few more teasers of on the Apple TV 2.

Love that it looks as if been there all the time. Excellent work! 8)

Really looking forward to this feature  :slight_smile:

. looks awesome. cant wait for these update.