doesn't seem to work at all

I have 2 apple tvs. I’ve watched many tv shows and movies and none of them show up in my account. I login on the website and its empty. I also can get the library thing to work. I set frequency to daily but nothing shows up in movies or tv??

A few things to check.
  • Are you running the latest Media Player update (check for updates in Maintenance > Manage Extras menu).
  • Are you logged into trakt on the Apple TV (check in Media > Settings > General > menu)
  • Is Metadata Fetching enabled? (check in Media > Settings > General).

media player is updated yes. i am logged into both apple tv’s under the same account. and metadata is enabled. so scrbbling and sync


i just submitted a diagnostic.

We’ve made a handful of improvements to how works on the Apple TV and included these in today’s 2.0.1 update.

Can you try installing this new version and see if you have better luck?