Trakt Sync - Wrong Timezone

Hi everybody,

I’m experiencing a slight error when synching my watched progress from Infuse to trakt:
It seems the synching process uses GMT but I’m watching in Germany, so the watch time (on trakt) is always two hours in the future. Is there any option, where I could change the timezone used for synchronizing?
Scrobbling works just fine, of course only, if I’m currently online with the iPad.

Thanks a lot and thanks a lot for this awesome App, it features everything I need and was looking for!

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What time zone is your device set to? Does this match the time zone that is set in your profile settings on the website.

Hi James,

yes, I justed checked both settings, and they are the same. Both on (GMT+01:00) Berlin

Thanks for the info.

We’ll look into this and see if we can track down what is going on.

This has been resolved in the 6.0.6 update, which we’re submitting to Apple today.

Sorry for the long delay, but thanks for your patience.

Nice, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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