Trakt not updating

I don't know if this is an ongoing problem since I just started using Trakt, but it doesn't update when I watch a new show/movie. When I first signed up through the app it recorded that I watched an episode, but that was two days ago and since then I've watched two movies and about a dozen and a half episodes. It still says " 1episodes, 1 Show, 0 Movies." I went to the website and it shows that I watched the show that I played right after signing up for my account but nothing else. I've tried loging out and back in, resetting my device, and restarting the app itself with nothing changing. Does anyone know a fix for this problem?

Hmm, that is a bit strange.

One thing to keep in mind that only files that are matched with online metadata will be scrobbled to trakt.

So in some cases (or if you have metadata fetching disabled) Infuse may not know exactly which video you are watching, and will be unable to scrobble it to trakt.

I always have metadata enabled and make sure that each thing I watch has the metadata added before I watch it. Almost in an OCD way. I'll upload a screenshot.