Trakt & Infuse Pro v4.3.3 / Login Failed - An unknown error occured!

Hello. I logged out and when I try to log back-in I get the following message:
Login Failed
An unknown error occurred!

Any ideas why this would happen? I hard rebooted the iPad, revoked the access in Trakt (and I did get prompted back when I signed back in), but still end up getting the message.

I’m getting the same thing. Infuse Pro v.4.3.3 on an iPhone with iOS10.

Hi I’m having the same issue. Thanks for your help

I’m also having this issue. Please advise.

Same issue here on iPhone and Apple TV

Same same, but on aTV…

Latest Infuse Pro on latest iOS with iPhone 7, same issue. Login with trakt works but during initial sync (i guess) i receive an error.

We’re looking into this, but at first glance it appears to be a trakt server issue.

Will update with more info soon.

Trakt just released a fix that we think will resolve this.

Can you check and see if logging in is possible now?

It’s working for me now. Thanks for following up on that :wink:

Awesome! :smiley:

Just successfully logged in!

It still doesn’t work for me.

A few more fixes just went live - all logins should now be working as expected.

Sorry for the trouble.

It’s working! Thanks!

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