Trakt & Infuse Pro Login Fail


I’m getting this issue, with V6 and even with latest V7 version of Infuse, on both my ATV and Iphone.

Sent several support tickets to Infuse Team, with logs, for several months now, but still no fix for this.

Can anyone help ?


In addition to Trakt, is this affecting other logins as well?

Which device(s) are you using Infuse on?

Hi James,

Thanks for reply.

I currently got Trakt working on iTV Shows 3 (iOS) and MrMC (aTV + iOS) :slight_smile:

I’m using Infuse V7 PRO on iOS and aTV.


any idea ?

hello ? Anyone ?

Hmm, it looks like Infuse is connected as well?

What are you seeing in the Infuse app?

Hi James,

Thanks for reply.

I get this on both iOS and tvOS :

Log sent : 14ZDR

Thanks. Looking into this.


Any tip ?



Any update ?

We’re still looking into this.

Thanks for your patience.

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Hi James,

Any news on this? With latest info i sent?

Does that help to better understand the issue?



Traktv login issue still persists…

new log sent : 4B4D8

Can confirm here. Same error message, on any platform.

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Traktv login issue still persists with latest 7.0.5.

Is anyone really reading this ?..

any update ? still happens on 7.0.6…


After months of waiting for your reply, i’ve managed to sort this issue out by my own.

If you even care (or other similar case users) :

This error is described on the following link : Locked User Accounts · Issue #228 · trakt/api-help · GitHub

And if Firecore team did in fact READ Documentation, all of this would be sorted out way sooner, since in Trakt API Documentation its clear : Trakt API · Apiary

And since Infuse is supossed to support Trakt API, i don´t understand how come no one read the Documentations, and follow API instructions, as they state :

Locked User Account

A 423 HTTP status code is returned when the OAuth user has a locked user account. Please instruct the user to contact Trakt support so we can fix their account. API access will be suspended for the user until we fix their account.

Well… all in all its sorted out.

I still think Infuse is a Good Product, but the Support/Customer attention is clealry “weak”…


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