Trakt down for days, watch history locally cached?

When Trakt servers go back up again in the future, will the watch history during the downtime be synced to the server? Is it cached locally when Trakt API requests are timed out?

So far, it’s been days since it went down.



According to their site

Trakt API will be turned on next week.

It will probably be down till then and it may depend on what they are doing as to if it will catch up with the status on the API.

I would assume any api calls will be discarded by trakt. But the question is if infuse will reissue them once trakt is back online.

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Their saying they had some data corruption in the Watched history database so it may or may not be available even when it’s restored.

On December 11 at 7:30 pm PST our main database crashed and corrupted some of the data. We’re deeply sorry for the extended downtime and we’ll do better moving forward. Updates to our automated backups are already in place and they will be tested on an ongoing basis.

  • Data prior to November 7 is fully restored.
  • Watched history after November 7 is still being recovered.
    • The data should be available next week.
    • You’ll be able to import any history we recover.
  • All other data after November 7 has been imported.
  • Some data might be permanently lost due to data corruption.
  • Trakt API will be turned on next week.
  • Active VIP members will get 2 free months of membership.

That’s why I explicitly asked if Infuse will locally cache those watch history until a successful API call is completed. Even with data corruption, as long as the local database isn’t corrupted, and the app is engineered to handle API disruptions, the Trakt database can reach eventual reconciliation.

Infuse does cache watched history during offline playback and send that to Trakt once you are back online.

It’s not totally clear if this will be useful here since the Trakt API may have sent unexpected responses while it was unavailable.

Some old history may start syncing to Trakt once the API comes back up next week, but there is a chance you will need to mark some items manually on the Trakt site.

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The transactions with Trakt should be ACID, when API servers are down, use exponential backoff to try later until the server confirms the update.

I went to trakt tonight and was able to recover my lost history through Dec 11. API is coming back online soon.

Nothing has been imported to Trakt since the 11 of December from my end :frowning:

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API is back online as of today. I imagine it will take a certain amount before infuse can reconnect and sync

My gut instinct tells me that Infuse is not programmed to handle this gracefully. In other words, data is lost during API server downtime.

My Infuse history since Dec 11 is not reflected and my history from today, Dec 20, is still not syncing to Trakt. API server is back online now.

I watched a movie tonight and it wasn’t logged. So not sure if it really is back online or if Infuse issue

Did you sign-out/sign-in of Trakt in infuse?
I signed-out/sign-in before and my watchings of tonight are well logged in Trakt.
But nothing from the 11 to 20 Dec, I suppose it is lost and we have to add it manually to Trakt :frowning:

Hi, is reporting the API is back online since yesterday.
But scrobbling in Infuse is not working. Do you have any infos about that?

If scrobbling is not working, you may need to sign out of Trakt and sign back in through Infuse. This seems to be caused by some session tokens being lost on the Trakt site when the database corruption occurred.

Infuse does not sync prior watched history (items watched before logging into Trakt), so unfortunately this means you may need mark some items as watched manually on the Trakt site.

Hi James. Thanks for the details. If we redo sign-in on one device will it refresh authentication on all devices with same iCloud?

Each device has its own token, so you would need to log in on each separately.

It’s possible some devices may still be working, but there is no way to verify this without testing on each device to see if plays appear correctly on Trakt.

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