Trakt did not update when streaming from Mac

Eagerly tried 2.0 yesterday and found 2 problems.

1 as the title says watched a tv episode , trakt marked the progress all the way through but would not mark it as watched at the end , it stayed at 99% on the trakt website even after I had finnished playing the file.

2 Had one file that came up with the error. could not play audio . I had not experienced any file up to this point that infuse wouldnt play. I have an old version of 1.2 archived I will try to play the file on but unfortuunatly didnt archive 1.5.



  1. Can you keep an eye on this and let us know if it’s happening with other files as well?

  2. This may be related to DTS audio, which is not yet supported in Infuse. However, it’s one of the top things we’re working on and hope to have available soon.