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I’ve had Infuse 4 Pro for a little under a year and just bought v5. I also set up a Trakt account. Since I didn’t have Trakt before installing 5 (and deleting 4) I had to set up my library all over again. Not a big deal I suppose, except that I can’t get my library of movies and TV shows to show in Trakt. I set up a Trakt account, then in the Infuse 5 setting screen I selected to login to Trakt. It gave me a code to enter at domain name is for sale. Inquire now.. I entered the code, and Infuse was logged in to Trakt. I’ve been waiting for about 30 minutes now and still don’t see any of my library in Trakt. It shows me a bunch of stuff I don’t have. I got to “Collection” and nothing is listed. I also tried it from my iPhone and I can see my library there. I logged into Trakt in Infuse 5 Pro on the iPhone, but still the same thing. Nothing shows in Trakt. How do I get it to sync? There are no guides anywhere on FireCore’s website, so new users are kind of flying blind.


I resolved the problem by installing a Trakt plugin in Plex Media Server and letting that import my collection and watch status for everything. This still seems to be an issue with Infuse because Trakt and Plex worked perfectly. I waited over an hour and my collection still hadn’t shown in Trakt. It took only a few minutes for everything show up in Trakt once I installed the Plex plugin.

Sorry for the confusion, but glad to hear you found a workaround.

Currently, Infuse won’t send any info about your files to to trakt until you actually start to watch something, however we are planning to look into adding collection syncing in an upcoming version.

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Any updates on this feature? My setup could greatly benefit from having Infuse sync deletions and additions into the library with Trakt Collections. Should definitely be an opt-in feature, but I’m sure it’s no great trouble to add two API calls.

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…however we are planning to look into adding collection syncing in an upcoming version.

Very interested in how this feature is progressing James, as it’s not possible for me to install the Trakt plugin on my Nvidia Shield without root access.


I would find this very useful.

My goal would be to get more information on my collection in an attempt to have better recommendations about what to watch next.

+1 !
I need this feature

I started another thread because I forgot it was Plex updating my Trakt’s collections. The problem is that Plex removed or disabled the plug-ins, or at least my collections haven’t been updated since the end of the last year. Too bad because it helps keeping track of what I have already ripped, without checking the single files in the filesystem.

Any chance to have this implemented? I know a bit of Trakt APIs, I don’t believe it should take much, when Infuse adds/removes and item from its library, it should just do the same in the Trakt collections.

Are there any plans to add further integration with Trakt? Right now I only see the ability to scrobble plays.

Personally, I would love the following features:

  1. The ability to sync Trakt lists, so that they show up as Infuse playlists
  2. The ability to sync my Infuse Library with Trakt collections, so that Trakt has an up to date list of all the movies I have available.

My eventual goal is to use Trakt to automatically create “suggested” or randomized playlists of movies in my collection. My biggest flaw with using Infuse now is that it’s difficult to pick a movie to watch if I don’t have one in mind already. I also have multiple servers in different locations, and it would be great to be able to keep my playlists in sync.

P.S. The ability to sync Trakt lists is definitely the more important feature. I can figure out another way to sync my library with my Trakt collection irrespective of Infuse if necessary.

P.P.S. I checked out the Trakt API here, and both of these seem feasible, but it might be harder than it sounds


+1 for this feature

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Still waiting for updates. It was promised: @james

You can follow the tag of this thread. Currently marked as wishlist which means it will not be upcoming development for a while.

Kind of disappointing that it’s not even in progress after all this time. Hope it get work on in the near future

I still have my hopes up for this feature but it’s been years :confused:
I fully rely on Trakt to organize my stuff because Infuse has several times over the years needed a reset or had other issues where I lost all my playlists and collections. So basically I always browse on Trakt and then just search for it in Infuse. It’s not as elegant but at least it has been unwaveringly reliable.