TRAKT alternatives

I like the support for TRAKT but there’s a free, better alternative: iShows.
Any plans to expand the support to trakt-alternatives?

[Please delete - this entire thread was begun under a misconception that the iOS app ‘SeenIt’ was the official TRAKT client. I was not aware that TRAKT was a backend available to developers and that multiple frontends are available]

Hmm - that’s powered by Trakt. Interesting.

The UI is superior in every way. I tried both a long time ago and abandoned TRAKT. When I saw the integration with InFuse I thought I’d give it another try. If you’ve used iShows there’s no way you would tolerate the TRAKT app. The ease with which you can mark a single episode as watched for example, or change the banner art shown for a show, or even find out more details about an episode, are incomparable between these two apps.
One of them is true Apple - it “just works”. The other is still early alpha from my perspective.

This post confuses me… Surely iShows is just a front end app for trakt… And trakt is free…


Trakt has in-app purchases that remove ads.
iShows is a far superior app.
No connection with the app or developers - just a happy user.

You’re missing the point. iShows, like Infuse, syncs with Trakt. Trakt is running in the backend to keep shows you mark watched in iShows up to date with what’s in Infuse, or any other app with Trakt support like Plex, Kodi, etc. Trakt is the bomb frosty.

Trakt doesn’t have it’s own app…

That’s why there is iShows and a few other apps that use Trakt as a backend…

In other words, if there was no Trakt, there would be no iShows…

Thanks for clearing that up.
BUT… iShows has no login to TRAKT.
If I want episodes watched in InFuse to be marked as watched in my TRAKT account I can’t view that status in iShows. I can only view it in an app that openly presents the info from my TRAKT a/c (such as SeenIt).
I understand now that this request is actually invalid though. It’s clear that what I really need is for iShows to integrate with TRAKT accounts - not just TRAKT data.

I’ve been trying to understand where the confusion is coming from and I’ve just realized you’re all looking at “iShows 2 - Powered By TRAKT”.
I’m using iShows. No mention of TRAKT.
At no point was there a notice that the app is discontinued. Now I need to look into migration…

What platform are you using iShows on? It’s no longer available on the iOS App Store. Only iShows 2. Which is powered by Trakt.

It’s on my iPhone 6 running iOS 9.2.
It has been in my account for a long time.

Could you link us to this app that you’re using then? And also to the Trakt app? I didn’t know that there was a Trakt app - just the website.

The app I’ve been using is no longer available from Apple’s App Store unless, like me, you have it in your ‘Purchased’ area because you bought it before it was removed.
The developer of iShows and the newer iShows 2 explains the transition to using TRAKT here:

There is no TRAKT app. My OP was based on the fact that I’d never heard of TRAKT when I setup InFuse on my Apple TV. So I searched the App Store for TRAKT and the first hit was ‘SeenIt’. I mistakenly thought it was was the official TRAKT client. I was not aware that TRAKT was a backend available to developers and that multiple frontends are available.

I have no issues at all with Trakt. To be honest, I really like it. I would love it if there was a way for Infuse and Trakt to talk to one another so I could auto populate my collections based on what’s in my Infuse library.