Trakt 2-way sync not working


I’ve observed that the two-way syncing feature on Trakt isn’t functioning properly. When I watch something on my Windows PC and then update it using either MPV scripts or the Trakt website, the changes don’t reflect in Infuse on my iPad or iPhone.

Let’s say that I watched episodes 7 to 10 on my PC and updated them using the Trakt website; then, they won’t show up as watched in the Infuse app.

I’ve attempted to log out and log back in, but it hasn’t resolved the issue.

What version number of Infuse and are you using the free version or pro subscription ?

I’m using Infuse 7.6.2 with the pro subscription

Does it work the other way around? If you mark as watched in infuse, does it add to your trakt history?

Yes, it works both when marking as watched and when finishing an episode.

What type of share are you using in Infuse?

When using Emby, Jellyfin, or Plex Infuse will send watched history to Trakt but it will not pull watched history from Trakt, since it relies on the server to keep track of watched history.

The files are stored locally on the respective devices.

I’ve observed that when I watch something on the iPad, it also gets marked as watched on the iPhone, and vice versa. (probably related to iCloud)

However, if I manually mark content as watched on the Trakt website, it doesn’t seem to reflect the update in the app.

  1. Are you using the latest version of iOS (17.1.1)?
  2. Can you check to ensure the Pro logo is visible in Infuse > Settings
  3. Can you check the library scanning status in Infuse > Settings > Library (Trakt sync is part of this, so updates may be delayed if this is still in progress)

Yes I’m using the latest iOS version.
The Pro logo is visible in the app settings.
Library scanning status seems to be ok.

The episodes marked as watched are the one I watched using infuse. (11 & 12 in the video)