Haha yes that would be amazing!

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Funny. :slight_smile:
You also made me have to look up if Pedro Pascal was really in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… LOL.

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Hey Siri, play trailer…

She’ll just take you to AppleTV+ or the trailers app. :smiley:

Not when their not on the ATV anymore. :clown_face:

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No need for a firm answer right away as I’m sure details are yet to be worked out … but do you expect Firecore to be generously absorbing the cost of the service and the provider’s bandwidth, or rolling it into the yearly Infuse subscription cost? Or, alternatively, will the service need to be supported by ads that hitch along with the trailers?

“Affordable” is a relative term…but we’re very excited to have this available. :slight_smile:

Probably not enough time for this to make it into 7.5, but yes it could be something for the future.

This will be made available to all Pro users without any additional upgrades required. Ads are gross, and we won’t be adding them here or anywhere else. :slight_smile:




Thank you for adding the feature and for taking on the related expense. Trailers was one of the main reasons to have to leave the Infuse app and switch over to Plex. Now if this service you’re using would also offer you the ability to add Actor bio features like actors’ “Filmography” and “Know For” that would eliminate the other reason. Then I may never have to open Plex again. Sorry if I sound greedy :slight_smile:


This is 1 of 3 huge steps towards this app being decent.

  1. Trailers
  2. Landscape thumbnails
  3. Ransom sorting
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Is this where they threaten to keep raising the subscription price until you use the provided sorting? :clown_face:

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Jeez. Awful generous with your praise, there, sir.

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Is this also for Plex servers?

If you mean it will include your own copy of the trailer like in Plex, probably not. Which is such a bummer. This and multiple editions are great additions, but implementation is meh. Still nice it’s being added.

No I mean persons using plex server. Can we watch trailers as well? Some Infuse features are not applicable to us, plex server users.

Hmm. True. Like the Movie/Show logo that’s not available for Plex Server user. James said trailer api uses imdb id which plex user should already have on their database. But then again the Movie/Show logo is from tmdb and plex should also have tmdb ids :man_shrugging:. So I’m not really sure. Hopefully James can let us know.

Yes, it should be available for Plex, Emby, and Jellyfin.

Support for using trailers provided by Plex (or local trailers) will be added later.


Just asking out of interest, but many movies these days have multiple official trailers. Teaser, Trailer 1, Trailer 2,etc. How does Infuse UI plan to deal with >1?

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Nice! This is one of the features I am looking forward to since I use Infuse (more than 5 years already).

One question: Which language will the trailer be played? I am from Germany and would like to get a German trailer, if German is not available I would like to get the English trailer.
Is something is this direction planned?

All these features are just icing on the cake. Having an app that directly plays files without transcoding/buffering is well worth going Pro and makes it far more than a decent app.