Does the trailer originate from youtube/google?

Nope. No connection to YouTube whatsoever.

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Just was digging around on TMDB and the trailer for the Turtles movie shows a link to youtube so was just curious. :wink:

Accessing trailers via YouTube would have been a much easier option, as they are listed on TMDB entries already. However, integrating this in a way that fits within the YouTube TOS is clunky on some platforms (iOS) and not possible on others (tvOS).

Instead, we have partnered with a provider who licenses trailers directly from the studios. This allows us to integrate them in a way that feels much more natural and native.


Will their privacy policy be available for review?

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And for movies that don’t have a licensed trailer available, can we add a filename-trailer.ext to the movie folder?


When played will they be downloaded like the rest of the metadata or will we need to also have sufficient internet speed to stream these each time?

This would be good for multiple reasons.

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We do not collect or share personal data with any 3rd parties.

The feature being added here is for streamed trailers only, but support for local trailers will likely follow at some point. Best to follow this thread.

These would not be cached on device, so each play would require internet access. However, playback quality will auto-adjust for slow connections.


This is a really good news :ok_hand:
Thx James, for good work, keep going


But what happens if there is no Trailer available for some Shows/Movies?

(for example some old „Retro“ German Series there are often no Trailers available) :wink:

Understood that Firecore doesn’t share data but isn’t this trailer feature a data connection directly from our device running Infuse to the outside source for these trailers and as such wouldn’t they have access to our IP addresses and other identifiers along with the ability to data harvest our requests for trailers?

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If we get enough requests for a certain title, I will dress my kids up in costumes and film a short 30s trailer for each. :slight_smile:

The API queries include the IMDB ID of the current title only, and no other details about you or your device are sent.

Also, these are made on demand when choosing to play a trailer, so a complete list of your library is never sent.

I suppose it may be possible for the IP address to be seen, but this is no different than visiting any other website on the world wide web.

Regardless, you raise a good point and I’ll make sure the Privacy page is updated to reflect the relevant details before this feature goes live.


No I mean is in this Case anyhow a „Trailer“-Button visible (and if we click then a Message „No Trailer available“ appears), or is then no Button there?

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The trailer button would always be visible (Pro users only).

The trailer database has over 300K movies and shows, so you might be surprised by how much is covered, and more content is being added everyday.


So would there also be trailers for TV shows?

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Yes, movie and shows. :slight_smile:


I’m usually all for minimizing “options” but in the case where a feature will initiate communications with and open the Infuse user to data collection by an unknown third party I’d very much want to see an option to disable this feature. (and get the “mark as watched/unwatched” button back :wink: )


Ah! So such a service does exist … and is apparently affordable enough. Go figure.

Not a feature I expect to use much, but I do dig the proposed implementation — I expect that’s going to make a lot of users quite happy. Very nice work, @james !

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Perhaps there could be a way to customize which button is biggest next to play. I know some people would want trailers, some watched, some delete, some rate, some edit.