Same reason they have their own movies. Why not just use streaming services for everything?

At the moment trailers is not supported by infuse in any way.

One is free the other is not.

Like you keep the product, not the ads.

I also agree, there should be a trailer feature like apple tv+ app

Infuse only works on Apple devices. Which all have Siri (and the AppleTV+ app).

“Hey, Siri, play the teaser trailer for Mission Impossible 7”

Boom. Feature included.

How could Infuse possibly improve on that?

Tested that out on my Apple TV based on random set of movies:
5% of movies didn’t match anything with Siri
95% of movies matched, but most of the time it required me to choose the right one from a list because multiple existed.

Of the ones that matched:
10% the trailer started playing automatically in full screen.
90% just took me to the Apple TV app

In the Apple TV app for the movie:
15% didn’t have a trailer
85% had a trailer I could manually select

In all cases, It did not go back to Infuse automatically.

So yeah, this could be a lot better.


Great feedback and agree 100%. Infuse is getting behijd with features…

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Okay, but how?

What could Infuse do better on Apple TV than Apple’s own best efforts over the years have yet to accomplish? Link to YouTube? YouTube has an app. Does Apple allow third-party apps to send focus to a different third party app, monitor that other app’s activities from the background, and then (whenever the original third party app monitoring in the background decides to) steal focus back?

Infuse currently is an app purpose built to stream content its users already own and control. How do you all propose it additionally becomes an app that both searches for and streams remote content its users DON’T already own and control?

This doesn’t seem to me to be such the trivial update you all appear to believe it to be. So please tell me how it should work.

How should users tell Infuse what trailers it wants them to play? (…should Infuse simply guess? …generate and maintain current trailer links for every identified title in the user’s library? …generate and maintain a database of links to trailers for popular upcoming films? …generate and maintain … somewhere … a database of links to trailers for all films and TV content ever made?)

How then should Firecore figure out where to find verified, quality, legally licensed, non-drm-restricted sources to stream all these possible trailers from, and all without ever leaving its own app?

Is there another app on AppleTV that already does all this perfectly? If so, how does that app do it?

Shouldn’t we just use that app?

Or does that app sadly not do the things Infuse does? So, then, should Firecore buy it and roll its features into Infuse? Or should maybe that other app’s parent company buy Firecore and roll Infuse’s features into their own app?

And … if all this is proven to work for streaming trailers, why then shouldn’t it work for anything else streamable from the web — including whole movies and TV series?

In which case … why bother maintaining personal content at all, once Infuse gains the power to gather any desired content from anywhere it already lives online?

Many questions, but just look at Plex how they handle trailers, or Netflix, or Kodi, or Prime Video.

I give up on this feature. Just found out that Plex is introducing Credits skip feature. They moved on and Infuse is getting behind. That is a fact. Infuse is introducing updates as major releases, but in fact there is lack of big updates. Just look at the filter system, oowh this is still in the pipeline… sorting system… doesn’t work as requested by users. Let’s be honest and be critical of Firecore.

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@FLskydiver Take a look at Watchio, which is a simple and elegant free app to present videos placed on It handles trailers from YT seamlessly and it has done so for a long while. Infuse is resting on its now really old laurels and the silence on the Trailers requests is inexcusable for a paid app, IMO.

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I don’t know how Plex does it on AppleTV, which is in part why I asked.

Kodi (which isn’t allowed on Apple TV) does it on desktops and less secure devices through unofficial add-ons; many of which enable Kodi to stream content from all corners of the internet, some standing in the daylight, most lurking in the shadows.

How does Plex do it?

Netflix and Prime are both centi-billion dollar content creators and distributors; this is not difficult for them; this is what they do. All legal distribution deals are in place. I believe they likely employ more than one full-time lawyer between them to make sure those relationships continue smoothly.

Just did. Watchio is a sketchy-looking service with an AppleTV app allowing you to stream your “:wink: public domain :wink::roll_eyes: content from a subscription required torrent locker. So, yeah. Questions over who do you expect to pay for the bandwidth aside, I don’t see those being the murky waters Firecore would have any desire to wade into.

@FLskydiver: Please focus on the subject at hand, which is how to implement trailers, and which the apps listed clearly do successfully.

Ad hominem attacks like “sketchy-looking” and “murky” obfuscate the matter and frankly similar attacks can be made against apps like Infuse, as it is safe to assume that some of the content used with Infuse is “murky.”

The main point I made was that while you are free to defend Infuse by making random conjectures, it is Infuse, as a paid app, that owes its users an explanation why Trailers are not implemented after all these years of requests.


Forgive the misunderstanding — I’m not defending Infuse. James can do that himself, if he cared to. Likewise he is the only one who is qualified to say why he hasn’t ever pursued adding this feature to the app. Regarding the latter, I can only hypothesize.

What I’m doing is seeking understanding on how Infuse adding support for trailers would look (in the UI) and be executed (behind the scenes), specifically with regard to the apparently popular belief that this should really be an easy thing to implement.

Every third-party app I’ve used to date (on my phone) that linked to trailers (like “Just Watch”) spits me out of the app (to YouTube or another streaming service’s app) and leaves it to me to find my way back (though Apple does sometimes leave the helpful ‘back to previous app’ link in the toolbar).

But I always have to search the content first (or click on an item in a pre-compiled list). How much effort is spent keeping all those trailer links up to date on a daily/weekly/monthly basis?

Is it feasible a one-man operation could put in the effort required?

If the entire task could be automated through a subscription service, so that one person could manage it with minimal effort, how much would that service cost (per Infuse user)?

Who provides such services?

Point taken. I won’t deny a large percentage of Infuse users likely source much of their content from more shaded corners of the interwebs … but the app’s add in the App Store (and of course the app itself) is far from “sketchy-looking”. Watchio’s was … less far from. :man_shrugging:t2:

Working on some things for 7.5. :slight_smile:


And the source of the trailer is?

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Haha I was just going to ask that question

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Thank you James. Please tell me how to give you more money than being a Pro user.

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If it’s tied to you tube I sure hope it can be disabled.

These will be native trailers streamed directly within the app, without having to open something else like YouTube.