Just add a link to local trailers (like moviefilename-trailer.ext) first, please. Fast and it would make a lot of people happy.


I use Media Center Master to auto download all my Movies and TV Shows, the trailers it gets are put in a folder with the movie, theses are normally named “[movie name]-trailer.mp4” and have been captured from YouTube.

So if Firecore is having trouble finding a legal way to source trailers, perhaps as others have suggested use the local trailer if it exists ?

Please bring trailers +1

@James, any news on local trailer recognition?

@NC_Bullseye do you think that maybe we should start “local trailer media recognition” as a separate feature?

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RIP 2015 - The True First Trailer suggestion.

+1 for trailers!

Yes. We keep using Youtube to search for trailers.
This is totally inconvenient.

+1 for trailers

+1 for trailers

+1 This is absolutely necessary

Can we get trailers for movies like plex does?

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Many of us are hoping for trailers and cast headshots linked to their IMDb info.

There’s a thread here in the suggestion forum you can add your support to here

That way we don’t derail the original suggestion in this thread.