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Completely insane that this hasn’t been implemented yet. Especially on Plex setups where the data is just sitting there already….

Can we get a official response ? Plex has trailers for years now I see this request dates back to 2016. This clearly is a high ask from the users where do you guys stand on this feature? if needed do a gofundme and i will donate.

This thread will explain the current status listed in the tag at the top of this thread.

so it is postponed meaning you are not working on it. What is the reasons

As it is stated

Huge disappointment. I’d love to know what real issue is. Every other movie-related app I use (Plex, Letterboxd, JustWatch, IMDB) has trailers and they work fine. So it’s not technically impossible and it’d be interesting to know what the actual problem is. Slowly gravitating back towards Plex - it’s not a better video playing experience, but it is a better overall experience.

Many of us are going back to Plex, me included, because of this and other “small” things. Talked with so many people now because of this topic and apparently, this is one of the main reasons to switch to other similar platforms.

I really like Infuse but sorry.

When I’m sitting with my girlfriend on the couch and have to switch from Infuse to YouTube or see the trailer on the iPhone to choose the movie we’re gonna see it gets ridiculous really fast.


Hey, don’t say that, that’s an unnecessary comment.

Don’t take the conversation to that level!.

Sorry, don’t want to offend anyone. I really love Infuse and have nothing against it.

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I’m not sure that knowing the exact reason will make any difference. Maybe finding a source for trailers that can be used for all users, easily, and can provide a consistent connection and experience. Providing plex only features that require specific UI elements may not be wanted. I could see maybe local trailers files be included someday as part of a alternate library but that’s a different suggestion.

I can understand being frustrated because a new feature didn’t get implemented for this version. The big changes are of course the Mac app and UI changes for other OSes. We might start seeing some other features added after the switch to TMDb for TV shows.


Today MrMC (beta version) for tvOS started to support trailers :

Trailers fix, use online videos instead of youtube on tvOS if local trailer doesnt exist

Can´t Infuse use the same method ?

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I saw that, too. I’m hoping James eventually works in trailers for us. Keep in mind we catch more flies with honey… :slight_smile:

Serisouly, I’ve been asking for this since v4. I am sure a million other people EXPECT it as well

How can KODI, Plex and pretty much EVERYONE else do it but yet 2021 we still cant in Infuse?

+1 on this feature! I just moved away from Plex and this is definitely the single thing I miss the most

this feature would be amazing :frowning:

Now that we have the new GUI layout I could see adding an extras section below the cast and crew for things like trailers and bonus features. Looks like the API for TMDb returns a link to YouTube video so not sure how hard that would be to integrate. But definitely would want local extras support too.

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It would be amazing to have that option. That is the only think that I like better from Plex. I do like being able to watch the movie trailer if I’m undecided about what movie to watch.

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+1 would also like this

+1 missing this