Think about what you’re already paying for. A set of features for a set price. Would you consider paying more if trailers were an available feature or subscription? I’m sure FireCore have a plethora of legal crap to deal with when it comes to trailers…

I am sure of it, too. But instead of flaming, speculating and offering cookies, it’s up to Firecore to enlighten us all.

They don’t have to, of course. But then they should live with the negative buzz disappointed users will eventually generate, and the corresponding loss of revenue.

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Do those suggestion threads have 140+ replies and over 5,000 views? If so, then yeah, I’d say the Infuse team should probably respond, even if only to clarify why those features aren’t coming.

Infuse team doesn’t “owe” us a post, but they are indeed showing they don’t care by not making one. Shut the discussion down if that’s where we’re at. Just give us a freaking answer one way or the other.

This is a huge request that’s been going on for nearly 2 1/2 years. If they don’t respond to requests like these, then why even bother with the suggestions forum?

So they can come in here and say that. Let us know what the problem is. Keep us in the loop. At least pretend like you give a shit.

Hello everyone.

We’re aware that many would appreciate having trailers available in Infuse.

Unfortunately, at this time, we have not found an option that satisfies the technical, legal, and business requirements needed for integrating this into Infuse.

We’ll continue to keep an eye on the landscape and seek out new options, so it’s possible this may be available at some point down the road.

On a side note, we love feedback and suggestions and we work to read every thread posted here. However, with over 1,000 different threads, each containing great ideas, it can be a bit challenging to respond to each and every one with timely updates.

Thanks for your understanding. :slight_smile:


Thank you, James!

Firecore have mentioned trailers on multiple instances including discussions about YouTube issues (if I remember correctly) and recommending users upvote the feature request. I did a quick search on trailers and saw quite a few times they mentioned them and I only searched for about 30 seconds. Plex integration , Infuse 5 Apple TV4k and Movietrailers Plexpass , ratings and trailers inside media app , metadata format and location Anyway, I have nothing to add to this topic because the feature doesn’t interest me that much and I have my own list of features I would like as a priority. I think it is important though to ensure the correct information is disseminated and this discussion was starting to give the impression Firecore had completely ignored the topic. Maybe as a suggestion to avoid this issue, Firecore could add the top ten requests to the upcoming features list and a quick line on each ‘this is something we are planning’ or ‘this feature is complex and may take time’ or even ‘nah, we don’t like this one’ etc

One of those quotes you linked is from 2012. Nearly 7 years ago. It gives the same “we’re looking into it” answer we just got from James. It was actually better in 2012, since it sounded like they were actually going to do it at some point.

The recent “We’ll keep an eye on the landscape” is just code for “We don’t want to do it, go away.” I guess that’s the best we’re going to get. I do appreciate the response, at least.

I guess I won’t be renewing my Infuse subscription next month. Trailers still aren’t even on the roadmap after all these years. There’s no reason that Infuse can’t just pass through the Plex trailers I already have access to. Now that Plex is bringing their own player to the ATV app, there’s not much reason to keep suffering with Infuse and its lack of basic media player functionality.

Thanks for the update.

I am now using Plex with a lifetime Pass membership which has a new enhanced player (4k directplay) and also all trailers and extra
I am so disappointed infuse was not able to add these extra.
Goodbye Infuse !


Trailers are really the final big thing missing.

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Can you please explain what the exact issues are or at least the primary one? your comment there being issues involving “the technical, legal, and business needed” seems incredibly vague. It gives us no idea as to what would need to change for this feature to me supported, or whether you have any intent/ability to resolve this at all. More to the point, if you gave us some understanding of the issues your customer base (which includes many people in the aforementioned “technical, legal, and business” fields) may be able to offer you some solutions. Please use your supportive customer base at the very least to help you brainstorm some work arounds if that is indeed what is needed.

I look forward to your response.

I would suggest you add the trailer option to plex pass pro users which is likely to attract more customers adding value to your business.

I’d really love trailers in the Apple TV app.

In order to come forward with suggestions though, we need to know what the problems are.

Technically? You can’t embed the video from YouTube? What’s stopping this, many other sites do this and the iOS / Apple TV SDK doesn’t prohibit this. What is blocking technically? Finding the correct trailer is an issue too? Hell, load it in an iFrame?

Legally?? Any other sites that provide trailers? You’re embedding a YouTube video not displaying it locally, so it’s still YouTube right?

Can’t help, if you want suggestions, without more information.


Trailers +1


If I’m being honest, like many others, this is the one feature missing that prevents Infuse from being my go-to for watching movies. I still use it for TV, but, the fact that we’re unable to even add a local trailer and still get metadata is really frustrating. I too signed up specifically to leave this comment. I understand that it’s not something that seems like it’ll ever end up on the dev’s roadmap, but, at the very least, can there be some sort of progress in the ability to allow us to do it ourselves with a local file? Going to a separate app to to watch trailers is painstaking, and ruins the functionality. Thanks!


Yeah, it’s really too bad. I moved back to native Plex app now that my stuff plays natively there. I have issues with it that Infuse would solve, but without trailers it’s just not worth it.


Too bad you still can’t watch trailers in Infuse. An implementation shouldn’t be a problem.!

Every time I organize a movie night with my friends and we have to choose which movie we will watch through Infuse, the cyclic question is: “May we see a trailer?”
My answer is still the same since the first release of Infuse: “No, the developer has not implemented this feature yet”.

So, please, as paying users we are seriously asking you to add this feature in upcoming update.