Trailers pre-roll video

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option to play random 1, 2 or 3 local trailer before movie… (from a local directory in library)

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Thinking like Plex PreRoll?

I would love to see you guys implement an option in the Infuse 6 Apple TV 4K app settings. To select a particular file (video file) to play before every movie plays. I have a Home cinema and would love this option to show off my surround sound to guests before hitting play on any particular movie in my library with Infuse. I have multiple already downloaded uncompressed Dolby Atmos and Dolby DTS trailers in my other folder within infuse and would like to have one play. Also without any dialogue asking me every time if I wanted to play the trailer too (like it does already with asking to continue or play from start).

I don’t want to see this dialog as it would defeat the purpose of playing a trailer before the movie. I know Plex adds this option in their settings, but I only use Infuse 6 app. Would love this option like Plex users are given (I use to have Plex until I heard about you guys and bought the subscription). I didn’t even know how to point towards a particular trailer using Plex. So please, if you guys could implement this in the next update in the App store. Could you possibly make it super user friendly of selecting (directing to) a video file in our library before every movie plays please. Thank you



Please add this feature

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Any new updates on this, it’s so cool to be able to have a dts, dolby, or thx trailer play before movies.

You can track upcoming features in this thread

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It’d be cool for Infuse to pull the preroll from Plex/Emby/Jellyfin

Yes. Hopefully this will get implemented. That’s what I enjoy about Emby/Plex is that theater experience with the trailers and Prerolls.

need movie trailer/ teaser, like plex when you are premium

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Oh yes we need this.

This would be fantastic.

Please do this.

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Is there any update on this? I have a site for prerolls and want to add some custom Plex Prerolls.

Adding prerolls would be HUGE. I’d move our whole family over to Infuse from Plex with that addition.

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I’m not sure I understand what this feature is used for.

What’s the purpose of these pre-roll videos?

Do you have a unique pre-roll video for each item in your library, or would this be the same one played before all videos?

Plex will let you have a multiple to choose from. It plays one at random before each movie. It’s not really a necessity, but it IS a nice feature that, IMO, adds value to your viewers. I like to have mine on a rotation, so around holiday times, like Halloween, Thanksgivnig, Chirstmas, etc., users are getting a preroll to match the time of year.


Hello James

I have a local folder where I downloaded new movie trailers… I would like infuse to automatically and randomly choose one, two or three before the main movie like an experience in the cinema …plex has such options


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So essentially play some trailers before the feature at a movie theatre

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