Can you add trailer for movies and series?

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Please see main Trailers discussion thread here.


+1 for this, especially on TV. I need to have laptop with me to choose a movie with my wife :slight_smile:

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It would be really great!

+1 same here , trailers will stop endless discussion with the wife

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Could be verry nice!!

+1 This would be very useful

Plex somehow auto connects trailers with movies so I’m sure infuse could! See here…

+1 for sure!

Please add trailers for the movies.

I pay for infuse pro each year and for Plex prenium and i use both, because sometimes Plex have difficulties to read some codec. But, i really like infuse and for now, the trailers is missings , if it’s possible for Plex to have it, why not with infuse?

Please add trailers to Infuse 5.

+1 on this, would be such a great addition. Doesn’t tmdb already have trailers in their API?

This is indeed a feature which I miss (several times a day :stuck_out_tongue: ).


To be able to link a Youtube and/or Vimeo trailer, even manually, would be a brilliant feature.

Absolutely hoping this happens!

I’m new Infuse user, bought Pro version and this idea is great! waiting for trailers function :slight_smile:

+1 Definitely miss this feature!

I just noticed that netflix recently just updated their app so that if you hover over an item for 5 seconds or so, the trailer starts playing where the movie art is. This is pretty slick and doesn’t require an extra menu or button to play a trailer.