Trailer Park Boys missing from Library

Did you ever figure this out? I’m having a similar issue of double season folders in File view. This is causing each of my various Trailer Park Boys series to not even show up in Library view or search.

Can you provide a screen cap of this series folder expanded to seasons and episodes on the server to see the file structure and names?

Sure. This is the folder structure from the Add Files screen.

This is the File view with extra season folders.

Do you have any additional files in the season directories other than the .mkv files?

No. Same as OP. Every season folder only has its corresponding episodes under it.

Could it be because I have 5 different “Trailer Park” shows? Scanner is confused? Same files scan properly on Plex but on external drives rather than Google Drive. Thanks for your help.

Any idea why these shows are showing only in File View and not Library? Metadata is properly fetched. I can only get them to show after syncing.

Update. Have tried removing all punctuation. Added colons instead of dashes as listed in TVDB. Updating to Infuse 7.1 and refreshing all metadata to match THEMOVIEDB titles exactly.

Still no Trailer Park Boys/Animated/Out of the Park/JAIL in Library view. Only Folder view.

Most of my similarly names series ex. Office UK/US etc had to fix metadata match because they showed as exact duplicates entries. Maybe because there are more than 2 similarly named series’ it breaks the scanner?

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Sorry for the trouble here, but this is a quirk specific to this particular series.

For a bit of background, Infuse is set up to filter videos with the word ‘trailer’ in the filename and not display these in the Library. This is to avoid issues with trailers being recognized as movies or TV shows and polluting the library.

To workaround this, you can give these files a slightly different name.

T Park Boys S01 E01.mp4

Using this name, Infuse should be able to pick up the correct metadata automatically and display everything correctly in both Library and Files.

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