Trailer option doesn't show up in the "movies folder"

The new trailer option doesn’t show up in my “movies folder” or “tv shows” folder. It does however, show up in the “picks of the day” and recently added" in the Home Screen.

Any reason this is happening?

TVOS 16.3.2

Can you provide a screen cap of what you are seeing where there is no trailer?

It looks like you are using Plex, Emby, or Jellyfin.

Are you letting the server fetch info from TMDB, or are you setting these details manually?

The trailers feature relies on having the correct IMDb ID, so if that is missing you won’t be able to access trailers.

I would also check to ensure the Infuse Pro logo is visible in Infuse > Settings, as trailers is a Pro feature.

I’m sorry but I don’t really follow with what you stated. I am a pro user paid for the lifetime. I also have Plex that I synced with infuse?? Or vice versa? Other than that I’m not sure what else to do. I do see the trailer options but only in the recently added tab.