Traditional Chinese Metadata

Infuse always scrapes TheTVDB Simplified Chinese Metadata.
Could it be corrected to Traditional Chinese Metadata?

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Something that may change this is that Infuse is getting ready to do a major change. In August (currently the planned time). Infuse will be switching from TVDB to TMDB for TV metadata so it may change with the new api and source.

Check out the upcoming features here

Thank you for the reply.
For TV Show Traditional Chinese Metadata.
To add manually TV Show SEASON XML or NFO files (tvshow.nfo) created using software like tinyMediaManager or Kodi,Infuse fails to override SEASON name. (episode is OK)
Any ideas?

With a whole new API coming for TV shows and a new source any changes to how it’s handled will be easier to address after the change. The new API may handle many of the desired changes.

Traditional Chinese metadata for TV shows should be available in the 7.1 update.

Up to now, Infuse has been using TheTVB (v3 API) for TV show data, and this did not support Traditional Chinese (even though a number of titles have been already translated on their site).