Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong) metadata not working

I had set the metadata language to Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong) {zh-HK}, but all metadata are Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) {zh-TW}.
If I set the metadata language to Traditional Cantonese (Hong Kong) , all metadata will display in English.

How can I set the metadata in zh-HK?
There’re many movies and serious name are different between zh-HK and zh-TW.

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Do you have an example of a movie that is not correct?

Just like Wonder Woman 1984, the name is different between zh-tw and zh-hk

This is from Infuse 7.1 and it show the movie name in zh-tw
This is the zh-hk page in TMDB

The names are different between
zh-tw: 神力女超人 1984
zh-hk: 神奇女俠 1984

If you have your metadata language set to zh-HK and you’re seeing the zh-TW you may want to do an Edit Metadata and re select the correct choice and it should refresh it. That may get the correct language.

I tried and there’s only zh-tw metadata show when I edit it.

I had deleted all metadata cache and refresh all metadata, it still show zh-tw metadata when it load again.
It seems Infuse does not know there’s different between Traditional Chinese and Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong)

Thanks for the report. We’re looking into this.

Please notify Cantonese Hong Kong and Traditional Chinese Hong Kong should use zh-HK metadata