TouchID, iOS 11 and infuse 5


I have configured infuse with touchID to open it.

The thing is, when I first launch infuse (not in the multitask bar), it systematically asks for my code, with no option to activate touchID.

Once in the multitask bar, whenever I chose to use infuse, I can use touchID to open it.

I don’t have that problem with infuse 4. In 3 words: touchID works perfectly.

Any hint on how to solve this?

Thanks in advance from ??

Thanks for letting us know.

We’ll take a look and work to get this fixed up.

Hello again,

I’ve just installed 5.6.2 and the problem remains.

Any chance to have it fixed for the next update?

PS: couldn’t find the thread browsing the pages, so I sent the message through my profile. Didn’t see the pending icon. So, never mind. :wink:

This has been resolved in the 5.6.3 update which we are working to submit to Apple this week.

Thanks for your patience.

Yes, it works nicely again. Thanks

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