Totally at sea with XMBC

I had no problem setting up Plex on my ATV2 with their media server and it all works fine. But I wanted to try XMBC but I’ve clearly got myself in a right mess. Seams with Lion it’s not so easy. So I’m running ATV2 Black and ios version 4.3. Latest Lion on my iMac and tried a couple of different Media servers.

Here’s where I’m at. Under XMBC/Videos/Files I now have 3 things UPnP Media Servers (Auto-Discover), TV Shows and Movies. The last two were my links to my media. Can’t see any way to delete these. There is no contextual menu on the ATV2 version for removing them. Also when I had them working via UPnP both choices opened the same two folders in each.

So if I chose tv shows it showed both paths to movies and tv shows and the same for movies. I want to delete all and start from scratch. I did get it working with playback app but got no new metadata just files. Is there a file somewhere with all my settings I can delete to start again? And what is the best method. The wiki is just too old and complicated. also it appears the weather is not working at the moment. Won’t update. Tried all the weather channels on offer. I’m in Perth Western Australia.