Total failure of this software

Hi guys

i have bought both atv silver and black, followed the instruction, bought many cables, run the software both from mac lion , windows xp and 7, trailed the support forums, read instructions, asked others.

silver installs “soso”- lots of failing during installing software from within the silver atv- nito doesnt work, very flaky overall- simply not a product beyond beta at best- sorry guys it really isnt.

with hopes for better performance i bought an appletv2- and followed your instructions- same unfinished feel. Fails, error codes, nort applicablefor upgrade and so forth. really bad performance=none

You now ask for lifelong subscription, but i wont- you can simply not make a stable installer capable of doing what you state it will do.

I wont promote your product to anyone- since you dont have any that works. After years of trying to make it work (and i am a supporter with a good rep). Good idea though.

Ive spend so much money relying on you- and you didnt deliver, the money wasted on nothing. Im left with two apple product locked on apple who only provides full functionallity for americans. 

Gunni Grahn

I’m sorry to hear your experience has not been as smooth as expected.

We’d love to help get you back on track, so please feel to post details about where you’re running into trouble, or open a support ticket using the link below.

I’m also disappointed, i had to restore the original ATV software in order to use the new airplay mirroring in mountain lion.

Probably they ask for a life subscription renewal as they know that ATV now with HULU NETFLIX and airplay mirroring you can do better without JB your ATV.

To make it work outside the USA consider using a VPN