Torrent software for the ATV

Recently I decided to tackle getting torrent software loaded on the ATV. I found a reference at Got it running yesterday using rtorrent from The program was noted on awkward tv at At the bottom of the page it says Where to Get rTorrent for AppleTV. That is the link to the page.

The project owner is not the author of the program. He has compiled the open source code for the torrent software for the AppleTV. The sofware seems to work great. I am no expert at this. I just got it running but with the software and the screen utility, so far (one day of use) so good. :slight_smile:

For the users guide and ongoing discussion…the original author of the open source code, forums and more can be found at Mind you the support there is for the software… not the software running on the Apple TV.

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I installed rtorrent and its working fine. The only caveat is that screen is not installed.
With screen I could leave the Appletv with rtorrent downloading stuff on the background and without the need of having an open SSH rtorrent session (as soon as I close the SSH session, rtorrent closes down too). I can monitor this using the neat ntorrent java rtorrent client. (if you are in 10.5.5 you’ll need to tweak ntorrent’s info.plist to allow to run with JAVA 1.6, otherwise it won’t launch).

I tried to untar screen-6.1.root.tar.bz2 from the Darwin x86 ISO with sudo tar -xvjf /screen-6.1.root.tar.bz2 but it’s not finding bunzip2 and it gives me: bzip2: Cannot exec: No such file or directory

I copied bunzip2 from my 10.5.5 mac /usr/bin to the Appletv /usr/bin, and gave it chmod +x but still is not finding it. Should I alias bunzip2 to bzip2?

Is there a guide available to install bunzip2?



Not that I am aware of. Unfortunately I am working from an xp machine as a desktop, using putty to access the ATV.