Can any body guide me how to get the movies? I have Plex,nito,browser xmbc &last .fm & all I can get is some songs on last fm,and abc on couch browser,have i got the apple -2 that ain’t worth a crap,i have fooled with this until i’m ready to scream,as a matter of fact ,I have screamed the f word about 10 times,plus I got a program called iLivid,all i want to do is watch a movie,that i have heard these apple -tv’s work so great.I paid 60 for the lifetime memember ship,do i have to buy each download?or what? man! i’m to old for this stress.i’m close,but doing something wrong,plus i been at it since 830,and advide anyone?thanks.

First things first; the video you are trying to play is it already downloaded and stored on your computer or is it from a website you are trying to stream?

As for aTV Flash you do not have to pay per download and it will work for all Apple TV’s you personally own.

Not sure what you are asking. Atv Flash only allows you to play movies you own, it does not offer movie downloads. You can watch movies through Netflix or ITunes.