Top shelf gets abbreviated

Last 2 or 3 releases I’ve seen the top shelf content from Infuse on ATV 4k current tvOS(es) lose icons… Not every time, but randomly (ish) I’ll scroll to Infuse and see one or two icons, where I saw more before. When I open Infuse, I might see the same icons, but it immediately fills in with the rest of my watching list.

Attached a couple of photos to try to capture it. Infuse is using a current release Plex media server for backend. The “up next list” setting is “watching only”.

Not a big deal, but wondering why it started losing content recently…

Anyone at Infuse have any ideas? The Plex server hasn’t changed, and the “continue watching” list is complete on the server web interface. It’s just Infuse dropping items from top shelf, and when entering the app, it shows the short list for an instant before updating to all the items.

Should I try to uninstall Infuse and start over?

Firecore, is there /anything/ I can try?

Are you using the latest 7.7.1 update of Infuse?

Can you try removing and relinking the Plex share in Infuse to see if that helps?

I’m still on version 7.6.7 on this ATV4K. Had issues updating to 7.7 on a couple other boxes (all the TV Series suddenly moved to “other”, and messed up the library). I had to drop the Plex share and redo it on those boxes.

When I get the time to update and fix the share (day or so) I can try that. Thanks.

Just to close this, after I updated to 7.7.1 and dropped and recreated the Plex share, I haven’t had a recurrence of this. Thanks.

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Actually, spoke too soon. It started happening again, all the top shelf dropped except one. I opened Infuse, and one watching icon was there, until it refreshed and all the other expected ones reappeared. Going back to home screen, the top shelf was then back to normal.