Top Shelf for current tv show with Jellyfin

Hi there,

I would like to make a suggestion for the Top Shelf area on AppleTV. Currently it shows my recently added content. This is more or less irrelevant to me because just because I’ve added it doesn’t mean I want to watch it in the near future. I would like more of an option to see what I’m currently watching. When I pause a film or an episode of a show, it shows up in the top shelf as “current view” (or something similar) and disappears after I have watched it. To watch the next episode, I have to go back into the app.

I have five shows in the app that I’m watching at the moment. I always have to go back into the app to start the next one. I would like to see the current list in the top shelf, at least as an optional toggle.

I can understand that if someone is watching on different devices it will be complicated for Infuse to determine which episode would be next, but for households that only use one player as their main device this should not be a problem. It would be possible to solve this problem by having Infuse show the outdated next episode and then jump to the current next episode after syncing.

What do you think? This is my only “negative” point about the App.

If you go to Settings > General > Up Next List. you can select to show only currently watching items without the recently added.

I did this and just pinned the recently added to the home screen. Only currently watching items show on the Apple home screen Top Shelf for Infuse this way.

Hi Bullseye, yes that is correct, but it won’t show my next episode. When I activate the setting “Currently watching” my Topshelf is completely empty. I won’t see the next episode of any of the five shows. Do I have a bug here? When I remember correctly in the past it was working.

Mine is showing the shows I’m watching on the Top Shelf and if I click on it at the Apple TV home screen it launches Infuse and brings up the preplayback screen for the next episode.

Are you using a server like plex or emby? I’m strictly using just Infuse and it works great for me.

Maybe a restart of the ATV?

Yeah, I activated/changed the setting, but at the end its the same effect. I’m using Jellyfin as a backend server.

I restarted and reinstalled Infuse as app and reconfigured Jellyfin. It has no effect. So maybe this is not working when using a backend server?

I’m guessing this is what’s causing this. Not sure what you can do with Jellyfin regarding the top shelf on the main ATV screen. Sorry.


I changed your topic to relate the use of Jellyfin. :wink: