Top Rated Movie is now useless

Until recently I liked glancing at the row of Top Rated Movies. Lately, however, it’s gotten hacked or corrupted with a long list of B or otherwise not good movies that , somehow, have a 10.0 rating. Some examples include Dead Dicks (2019) that has an IMDB score of 4.7 (10 in my Infuse) or 36th Precinct (2004) with an IMDB of 7.1 or Black Sabeth:The End with an IMDB 7.2 . Also Borderland (2007)Anthony Jaselink:Thoughts and Prayers with IMDB of 7…

…I’m thinking maybe the colon is corrupting the correct lookup. Not all of them have colons, but many do.

Is that in the actual file name? If so that can cause problems.

Also, if you go to those movies in Infuse and change the rating to zero (or less than 10) do they drop off?

The colon is not in the actual file name. Note these are all on a shared Plex server for me. The small printed name at the bottom of the detail page looks like good format, though some are coded file names. And YES! They do drop. Off if I rate them low, so thank you for that tip!

Any family sharing?

Also, if it’s not too many, maybe go to the “Top 30” in the movie library and you could scan through those and see if there’s any other over rated movies and correct them.

Are these movies you rated yourself? If so, Infuse will use that rating to create the top rated list.

I’ve actually never rated a movie myself. Yes it’s a shared Plex server, so I suppose my friend could have made the rating changes that I see now in my Top Rated. I didn’t realize these ratings could be over- written.

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I’m still confused. If I access a friend’s server from Plex, and he rates a show at 5, will I see that 5 score? If I change it to a 10, will my friend see it go from his 5 to my that 10?

I ask because I just came across the tv show “The Old Man” ranked ver highly by IMDB, RT and Google, but Infuse has it as a 5. Over at Plex, also at my friends server, the same show is ranked as 83%. Something at Infuse seems amiss.

He has set you up as your own user in Plex, or you are sharing the same Plex account?
Plex allows separate user accounts to rate the the same show/episode/movie separately assuming it’s a separate Plex account.
You should never see your friends personal rating if you aren’t using the same Plex account.

Unless personally rated the only rating anyone should see in Plex is the IMDb/TVDb/TMDb/RT or metacritic rating and which one(s) would hinge on the preferences your friend has set in Plex.

I know we don’t have the same login/credentials for Plex. And I’m also not a user of his account. Plex lets you share a server with another plex account as a friend. He’s doing that with me. None of our settings or configs or histories (or anything like that) should be shared.

Based on your last paragraph (and I agree with all you said) I should be seeing a score of around 8.5 for the The Old Man (2022). Instead it reads 5.

So Is the rating you see for the show itself or for an episode. Plex allows both to be personally set unlike Infuse.

I have been doing some deep diving and It may be purely coincidental but despite the positive overall ratings I noticed. The Old Man: Season 1 (2022) — The Movie Database (TMDB)

Exactly 5 for episode 1 of that show on tmdb.
(All other episodes are rated much higher.)
As Plex can be set to pull tmdb metadata exclusively I’m wondering if it’s more than coincidence?

As a side note thanks for the heads up on the show itself. I’m in the process of media migration to a new set up so haven’t had my usual chance to keep my eye on new shows. It looks like it will be worth a watch.

I think you’re right! Infuse must be displaying the episode 1 rating (a 5) and Plex is showing the season rating (83%). Thanks for figuring that out. Sorry I totally misinterpreted reason for the difference. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: